Rely on Patterson Kia of Arlington for Prompt, Professional Service or Repairs

Once you've purchased or leased a Kia car or SUV, you become responsible for it. It will get you around most everywhere you need to go - day after day - but eventually it will need to be serviced. If you're like most people, you're too busy to maintain it yourself. That's where the certified technicians at Patterson Kia of Arlington come in. The skilled mechanics in our service center are well-versed about Kia vehicles and what makes them tick. We can change your oil, rotate your tires, and even give your car a full inspection if you'd like. If your vehicle needs major repairs, like a transmission overhaul or an electrical system fix, we can handle that, too. We'll never overcharge you or do repairs that aren't necessary. We'll also give you an estimate of the cost, along with a heads-up about when the work will be finished.

Got problems with your Kia car or SUV? Bring it to Patterson Kia of Arlington. Our service center is staffed with professionals who know how to do all kinds of service or repair. We know you're busy, so we strive to give you same-day service whenever possible. If it’s a major, time-consuming repair, we'll help you get around with shuttle service or a loaner car. And we have a comfortable lounge for you to wait in. Patterson Kia of Arlington doesn't charge an arm and a leg, either. We have frequent money-saving specials available that can keep service or repair costs to a minimum. Our service center has state-of-the-art tools and diagnostic equipment, along with genuine OEM Kia parts, to ensure your car is fixed right the first time. We also make it fast and easy to schedule service with us. You can do it any time with our convenient online service request form. Just enter some info about your vehicle and your contact information, and we'll get you set up. Contact Patterson Kia of Arlington today for prompt, professional service or repair.

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