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Patterson Kia is the name most associated with the sale of used cars in Fort Worth, TX. This unique status has been achieved through years of hard work and determination to be the best used car dealership here. We offer a giant inventory of cars and stunning service terms. This has resulted in a huge number of content customers which is a testimony to the fact that if it is anything related to used cars, then there is only one name that can be trusted and that is Patterson Kia. Patterson Kia have looked at every facet of the used car business to simplify things for their customers and make sure that it is as smooth a process as it can be. This is only offered by Patterson Kia in all of Ft. Worth, TX.

Why choose Patterson Kia, Ft. Worth, TX?

We do not want to talk a big game and then not deliver on it, which leads to disappointment. Instead we like to make only substantiated claims that we can fulfill. This doesn’t mean that we cannot surprise our customers in a good way. Often people come here with high expectations and still leave with astonishment at the level of customer centric service they receive. Patterson Kia has been setting the standards in selling the most drivable used cars for sale in Fort Worth, TX. Our association to our customers isn’t limited to the actual sale itself but also everything related to it. We could go on and on about all the reasons for making Patterson Kia your destination for buying used cars, the main ones are as follows.



Our highly affordable and reasonable pricing scheme is the best reason to buy used cars from us. A used car can be a great investment or a black hole for money. It all depends on where you buy the car from. Patterson Kia goes the extra mile to ensure that it is the former. This means that each used car that we sell offers the best value for money not just at the time of the sale but during its operational life. This is due to the strict quality checks that Patterson Kia conducts on each of the cars it sells. It is simply the wisest decision from a monetary point of view to buy a used car from Patterson Kia.



Buying a used car is often associated with a lot of compromises and concessions on your part. That is not how we roll at Patterson Kia in Ft. Worth, TX. We believe that a customer looking for a used car should have the same range of choices as a customer looking for a new car. That is why we offer one of the most exhaustive inventories in all of Texas. This means that you do not have to settle for a car you do not want to own but rather drive out with your dream car. In case your car of choice is not available with us at the time of your visit, we can always get one for you through our extensive network of sources within a short amount of time.


Easy Financing

Easy financing is also available on each of our used cars from reputed banks and financial institutes. This allows you the freedom to opt for a car even in the premium category. Usually financing comes with a lot of red tape and formalities that you have to go through. At Patterson Kia in Ft. Worth, TX we have a dedicated team of highly motivated individuals whose job is just to get you the best finance options for the car you wish to buy. All you have to do is choose a car and within no time this team will get in touch will all the major banks and finance institutes to get a plethora of deals. They can get you very attractive loan rates even if you do not have a great credit score.


In-house maintenance and repairs:

A great option that only Patterson Kia at Ft. Worth, TX, offers is the in-house maintenance department. Almost all types of repair work, routine maintenance, and trade-ins are done at Patterson Kia. This means that you can have your car in its best shape immediately after buying it and do not have to make a subsequent stop at a mechanic’s. All common car upgrades can be done by Patterson Kia as well. You can also use our excellent services for any routine maintenance works and repair jobs in the future. The technicians at Patterson Kia have years of experience and they know how to set your car up in the best way possible. There is no doubt that all of this makes Patterson Kia the finest used car dealership in all of Ft. Worth, TX.

Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) Used Cars for Sale in Fort Worth, Texas

Used cars for all their benefits always have the chance of breaking down a bit more often than a new car would be. If there isn’t a good warranty then that can lead to headaches and massive amounts of money being spent. We have the perfect solution for that in the form of our Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) Kia program. This is the best way to buy a used car with all the benefits of a brand new car such as an extensive warranty. Kia is one of the fastest growing car brands in the market right now and the CPO program allows you to buy one of these wonderful cars at a fraction of the price of a new one without sacrificing any of the goodies.

Patterson Kia, in Ft. Worth, TX puts each car sold through CPO through a 120 point inspection to make sure that even the smallest part of the car is in great working condition.

Each CPO Kia comes backed by a 10-year/100,000 mile powertrain limited warranty (from original in-service date), and 12-months/12,000 miles of Platinum Comprehensive Coverage. The warranty covers all the major parts for a very decent amount of time. This gives you the peace of mind usually only offered by a new car. There hasn’t been a better reason to buy a used car.

Types of Used Cars Available

Customer choices are as varied as the customers themselves and that is why we at Patterson Kia sell every type of used car there is. We have everything from what a swank youngster would like to what the more reserved people would like. To make choosing easy, we have differentiated the available cars into groups based on their type and they are

Convertibles: The flashiest of all cars, this one is for those who want to turn heads on the road. They are compact but powerful beasts that can transport two people in absolute style and panache.

Coupe: The slightly more sensible version of the convertible, it is perfect as a second car or as a guilty pleasure. Travelling alone cannot be more pleasurable than in a coupe.

Hatchback: More hatchbacks have been sold in the history of cars than any other type and there is a very good reason behind it. They are great to look at, even better to drive and can actually transport four people in a surprisingly comfortable manner. They even offer a decent amount of luggage space. 

Minivan: Excellent at moving larger groups of people, this is the perfect car for larger families, especially ones with kids. They can also be great for transporting a lot of stuff thanks to their massive luggage volume.

Pickup: If you want a hardy vehicle that can take a good amount of beating and still keep working like nothing happened then this is the car to go for.

Sedan: The jack of all trades of the automotive world, it wonderfully combines great looks, awesome drivability and excellent ergonomics making it one of the most perfect iterations of the car.

SUV: Sometimes bigger is better and an SUV is the perfect example of this. Capable of transporting six to eight people in great comfort along with a lot of luggage, they can be excellent to ride as well and make the perfect companions for long rides and vacations.

In short, Patterson Kia sells the best Used Cars in Ft. Worth, TX

Brands available with us:

Our cars are also differentiated according to the brand and currently we offer the following brands

  • BMW
  • Buick
  • Cadillac
  • Chevrolet
  • Chrysler
  • Dodge
  • Ford
  • GMC
  • Honda
  • Hyundai
  • Infinity
  • Jeep
  • Kia
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • Nissan
  • Ram
  • Toyota
  • Volkswagen
  • and More…

We at Patterson Kia understand how momentous it is to buy a car. Often this gets underplayed if it is a used car in question. That is not how it is at Patterson Kia. We make sure that irrespective of whether you are here to buy a new car or an old car, you get treated special. We want it to be all about owning an excellent car and that is why we take care of all the boring stuff such as paperwork so that you can drive out in style with minimum hassles.

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