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Used Cars Kennedale TX

Used Cars for Sale in Kennedale TX

Explore Used Cars for Sale in Kennedale, TX

Used Cars in Kennedale, TX

Patterson Kia is one of the biggest names when it comes to used cars in Kennedale, TX. This is the result of a constant push for excellence by offering a large inventory of cars, attractive service terms and a long list of satisfied customer who can attest to the fact that no other used car dealership is even in the same league as Patterson Kia. We put in a lot of effort in making sure that every customer leaves from here with a smile and that shows in the way it has become the number one destination when it comes to buying used cars. There haven’t been better reasons to buy a used car than the ones Patterson Kia offer in Kennedale, TX.

Why choose Patterson Kia, Kennedale, TX?

Any business can only prosper if it treats its customers with great love and care and that is why we value our customers as our biggest assets. Scores of people have walked into Patterson Kia and have driven out with an awesome car and a wide smile on their faces. This customer centric approach is the biggest reason why you should choose us. 

Used Cars for Sale in Kennedale TX

Everything that is advertised here is based on true facts. This is how we have cultivated such a large customer base and you can be a part of it too. Patterson Kia has been the pioneer in selling the best used cars in Kennedale, TX. Our great service is not just limited to the initial sale but extends well after it ensuring an overall nice experience with the car. Our multipoint checks make sure that each used car sold by us is in perfect driving condition and stays that way for a long time. The reasons to buy a used car from Patterson Kia are many, the primary ones are listed below.



Almost all of our buying decisions are governed by how good of an investment it is in the long run. Used cars are no different. The great thing about a used car is that it can serve you better than a new car would in the long run. To ensure that you get the best deals possible, we have priced all of our cars very competitively. The return on your investment is excellent as each of cars have been checked to make sure they run without any hassles for years to come. Combine all these factors and you will be making one of the best buying decisions you will ever make by getting a used car from Patterson Kia.



Another common obstacle to people embracing the idea of going for a used car is the thought that they would not be able to find the car model they are looking for. While this might be true at other dealerships, we at Patterson Kia in Kennedale, TX make sure that the wishes of our customers are met. We have one of the most exhaustive inventories of used cars. This gives you the luxury of finding what you want and that too in an excellent condition. If in the rare instance we do not have the car you want in stock, we won’t let you go empty-handed. We will scour through all our sources to find a used version of the car you want within a few days or a couple of weeks.


Easy Financing

To make it an even better buying option, Patterson Kia can make sure that you get a plethora of financing deals. This way you can even choose a premium car. The best thing is that you will not have to jump through hoops to get a great deal. At Patterson Kia in Kennedale, TX as we have a special team dedicated just to take care of all the formalities associated with financing. Once you have finalized the car you would like to buy, our finance team starts working its magic and gets in touch with numerous financial institutes to get you a variety of loan options, each with its own perks. The final choice is yours. Our team is so good at this that even a bad credit score doesn’t stop them from getting you very attractive loan rates.


In-house maintenance and repairs:

Another great thing about Patterson Kia at Kennedale, TX, is that we offer in-house maintenance as well. Most types of maintenance, repairs, and trade-ins are done at Patterson Kia so that you can make sure that the car is tuned and outfitted the way you want it to be. All common modifications and upgrades can be done by Patterson Kia as well. You can also use our excellent services for any routine maintenance works and repair jobs in the future. The mechanics at Patterson Kia are very experienced and highly qualified. All of this makes Patterson Kia the perfect used car dealership in all of Kennedale, TX.

Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) Kia's - Used Cars in Kennedale, TX

What if you want the affordability of a used car but the support and warranty that only new cars come with? We have a solution for that as well and it is the Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) Kia program. This is the perfect middle ground between the peace of mind of a new car and the excellent value for money of a used car. 

Used Cars Kennedale TXKia is a car brand that in its short history has made many fans thanks to its inexpensive yet feature packed cars that give the much more expensive brands a run for their money. Patterson Kia gives you the awesome opportunity to own a used Kia that is almost as good as a brand new one. As we mentioned earlier, each CPO Kia is covered by some of the most extensive warranties ever offered on any used car.

Patterson Kia, in Kennedale, TX puts each car under the CPO umbrella through an extensive array of 120 inspections to ensure its drivability.

Each CPO Kia comes backed by a 10-year/100,000 mile powertrain limited warranty (from original in-service date), and 12-months/12,000 miles of Platinum Comprehensive Coverage. The warranty covers all the major parts for a very reasonable amount of time which means that you can have the same peace of mind of a new car owner at a much lower price. Owning a used car has never been more attractive.

Types of Used Cars Available

To cater to the huge array of customer choices, we have a huge number of cars of all sizes and shapes. To make the whole choosing part of buying a used car easy, we have categorized them by type. Almost every type of car from the flamboyant to the modest is available at Patterson Kia. The types of used cars you can buy from us are.

Convertibles: The car of choice of movie stars and sports personalities around the world, they are one of the most attractive iterations of the car. Buying a used convertible is a great way to own one without breaking the bank.

Coupe: This is like the sensible elder brother of the convertible. It is still uber cool but it is also classy. It can only house two people, so make sure to keep that in mind if you go for a coupe.

Hatchback: The type of car that constantly manages to punch well above its weight, it is compact and economical and yet very fun to drive. Some of the best selling cars of all times have been hatchbacks. 

Minivan: They are for the family people who need a multi-purpose vehicle that can transport a larger group of people while also having enough space to double up as a transport vehicle for shopping goods.

Pickup: The car that is the brash rock star of the car world, it is excellent to drive and comes in very handy if you have to transport large things or tow another vehicle. We offer used versions of some of the most iconic pickups of all time.

Sedan: The all-rounder of the car world, it oozes with personality and looks. It is a well-proportioned car which makes it great to drive. The fact that it can transport people in great comfort along with a good amount of luggage is an added benefit.

SUV: If you love powerful things then this is the car to go for. It is big and mean and is great both on and off road.

In short, Patterson Kia sells the best Used Cars in Kennedale, TX

Brands available with us:

Our cars are also classified according to the brand and currently we offer the following brands

  • BMW
  • Buick
  • Cadillac
  • Chevrolet
  • Chrysler
  • Dodge
  • Ford
  • GMC
  • Honda
  • Hyundai
  • Infinity
  • Jeep
  • Kia
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • Nissan
  • Ram
  • Toyota
  • Volkswagen
  • and More…

Buying a car is often one of the most exciting events in the lives of most people. This excitement does get a bit dampened if it is a used car that you are buying. At Patterson Kia in Kennedale, TX, we go to great lengths to ensure that not only is the car that you end up buying very satisfying in the long run but also that you feel as excited at the prospect of buying a used car as you would for a new car.

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